The boy pupils from Year 3A. I've got my hands full whenever I'm with them. They are always 10 minutes early coming to class just sitting outside the Computer Lab. Eventhough it's break time.. they eagerly wait outside the door just to start the class early. Good boys these lot..
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Me with the girl pupils of Year 3A posing..
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Kids were so happy at the prospect of having their picture taken.
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This week was the continuation from last week's topic i.e. inserting graphics into a word document. The computer connected to the IWB was not working so I had to present the work to be done orally and step-by-step followed by the pupils.

My Year 2A were really looking forward to naming their pictures. I reminded them to be creative in naming their pictures, not just simply because the pictures was of similar traits to a certain famous cartoon character it had to be of the same name. The lesson plan..
Lesson Plan 20/04/09 (Yr2A) Lesson Plan 20/04/09 (Yr2A) Dyg Norolhoda Hj Md Arpan

The lesson finished on time and for closure we had a photo session. I wanted to have a picture with my tp class so the pupils were more than happy to oblige..

My Year 3A's lesson was hectic because some of the computers started having problem.. freezing at the click of a button. This mostly happened when the pupils wanted to insert clipart. After typing in the search word and clickilg the "Go" button.. it just hangs. Hmmmmmm.... heavy load?.. But at least the class completed about 75% of the work though.. Good effort on the pupil's part.. what with the freezing screen and all. The lesson plan..

Lesson Plan 20/04/09 (Yr3A) Lesson Plan 20/04/09 (Yr3A) Dyg Norolhoda Hj Md Arpan

Some were frustrated when the screen keeps freezing up. I could see that the activity were to their liking.. maybe because they get to choose their own picture and type whatever they want.. Like my last class, we spend the last 5 minutes of the class by having a photo session..
Something that I've been hearing about a lot these days.. podcasting. Learn the basics of podcasting from Colette Cassinelli, a technology evangelist, who will teach you everything you need to know about using podcasting in your classroom.

Comments or critisms are welcome.. :)
This week both my Year 2 and Year 3 classes had more or less the same activity i.e. inserting pictures in to a word document. The only difference was for Year 2 they did not give titles for their pictures. Year 3 used WordArt to name their pictures.

My Year 2,
Lesson Plan 13/04/09 (Yr2A)

The pupils were very excited at the prospect of inserting pictures because I had gathered beforehand pictures which I thought would REALLY attract attention. I had copied pictures of "princesses" for the girls and "robots" for the boys. During induction the pupils were so very attentive to what I had to say, hence they were able to do the activity without much hassle. The girls giggled a lot and the boys gave a lot of "Waaahhhh"s... The expressions of their faces showed they really enjoyed the class.

My Year 3,
Lesson Plan 13/04/09 (Yr3A)

I had expected the same feedback from the pupils as I had from the Year 2's. What I noticed was that during the naming of the title for the pictures quite a number of the pupils had made mistakes in the spelling of the words they had used. Some of the girls did not spelled the words "princess", "pretty" and "sleeping". As for the boys almost all of them used the same words for the title of their pictures, which was "Optimus Prime" and "transformers". During closure I told the class that I would have preferred them to create their own titles for the pictures even though I had given them pictures they would generally recognize. The girls were a bit imaginative, giving words that describe their pictures. In overall I was very satisfied with their work which showed they were paying attention during my explanation of the activity.. :)
Last year I had a lesson in doing research on the internet. This flowgram would have been very helpful then. For those that has a lesson whereby the pupils need to do research from the internet, spare a few minutes to look through this:

This is a set of websites that can be used by elementary school library specialists when teaching students research skiils..


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